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White Papers

 -A client’s current spending was $2,200 per month with the incumbent carrier. After a complete audit we were able to save them $1,200 per month, keep them on their current carrier and consolidate their 5 locations in 3 states. One point of contact for service and billing and saving $43,000 every 3 years.

-A nationwide healthcare firm has hundreds of locations, 48 different telecom carriers and an incredibly convoluted account payable structure because the carriers directly simply can’t provide the raw billing data they need to communicate with their AR software. We were able to consolidate all locations into one billing platform, customize the data to dump directly in their AR system and save them over $450,000 per year on the commodity alone. This savings does not factor the hundreds of man hours that are saved due to the AR integration. Their accounts are monitored real time online and they have complete control of their telecommunications for the very 1st time.

-A 8 location real estate firm had 10 carriers for local/internet/cellular/data. They struggled to add/delete account codes as well as integrate cellular phones. They had to put in the order via fax or email to the respective carriers and had to make multiple calls every week, which often wasted valuable time. We consolidated their 10 carriers on one billing platform, gave them a single point of contact and they now enter those changes online in less than one minute and they take effect immediately. In addition to the time savings we are saving them thousands of dollars yearly.

-A 13 location auto dealership had in excess of 1,000 lines for 400 employees. They thought they were transferring a line from an old salesperson to a new one. What was really happening is their previous carrier was simple adding a new line @ $30 per month and leaving the old one active. After a complete review, we were able to cancel 700 lines @ $30/each for a yearly savings of $252,000 PLUS we were able to consolidate all the locations into one billing platform. We also achieved great cost savings on the service of 35% monthly. The total savings every 3 years exceeded ONE MILLION DOLLARS.

-A City Government had 28 individual invoices for their telecom services across all their departments; schools, police, fire, administrative, etc. The accounting 40  hours per month and cost the city (taxpayers)  a great deal of money. We were able to consolidate and streamline all the  departments onto one billing platform, individually bill the departments as requested with 100% of the taxes exempt and save them thousands per year on the actual telecom expenses.  Countless thousands per year were saved on the reduction of man hours. Estimated yearly savings of $100,000.

-A small business in “North Country” NH was struggling to keep it’s doors open. We took a look at their telecom invoices and audited them. Not only were we able to save them 35% or $9,200 per year we were able to get them $13,300 in refunds for services that were billed frivolously. CRAMMING (which is adding charges to you telecom bill for absolutely no services rendered).

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